Beyond GLP-1: OrsoBio targets mitochondria to treat metabolic disorders from a new and potentially complementary angle

Emerging from stealth in late 2022, Palo Alto–based biopharma startup OrsoBio announced four development programs targeting severe metabolic disorders. The CEO and founder, Dr. Mani Subramanian and chief medical officer and head of development Dr. Rob Myers formerly worked at Gilead. Founded in 2020 with a quest to “try to modulate energy metabolism in severe metabolic disorders like obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemias, NASH, etc.,” as Myers put it, the company focuses on drug targets that affect fundamental aspects of mitochondrial function. 

To date, OrsoBio has completed a $60 million Series A financing round, bringing its total fundraising total to $97 million. Longitude Capital and Enavate Sciences co-led the fundraising, with significant participation from existing investors Samsara BioCapital and NuevaBio. The round also brought in a notable new investor — Eli Lilly. Lilly’s stock has nearly doubled over the past year, thanks in part to its FDA approval of t…

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