FDA clears AI-based lung analysis software from Thirona

Thirona announced today that it received FDA 510(k) clearance for the latest update of its AI-based LunQ clinical software.

LungQ 3.0.0 utilizes AI to automatically segment the pulmonary segments and subsegments in the internal anatomy of the lung. The analysis includes the identification of structures like lobes, segments, subsegments, airways and fissures. It analyzes the lung tissue and fissure completeness. Thirona says it supports the diagnosis and documentation of pulmonary tissue images from CT imaging.

“A clearer understanding of lung anatomy helps enable broader adoption of minimally invasive treatments for lung diseases such as COPD and lung cancer, helping save more healthy lung tissue and lung function capacity. Acting as a map for lung anatomy, LungQ helps guide bronchoscopic navigation, leveraging AI to significantly enhance the precision, accuracy, and efficiency of bronchoscopic and surgical lung interventions,” said Eva van Rikxoort, founder an…

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