Who is Acquandas? Its thin film manufacturing goes beyond Synchron

This nitinol thin film actuator made by Acquandas with a film thickness of 50 µm can pull 550 times its own weight. [Image courtesy of Acquandas]

Acquandas is a thin-film device manufacturer that’s now partially owned by brain-computer interface developer Synchron.

Rodrigo Lima de Miranda founded Acquandas in 2012 based on microsystem technology he developed for his doctoral thesis, where he was trying to develop a shape memory material made with thin-film deposition.

The Kiel, Germany-based contract manufacturer now uses the Nanolab cleanroom facilities at Kiel University and is growing its team of around 22 employees.

Beyond neurotech applications like Synchron’s Stentrode, the Acquandas technology has promising potential for cardiac ablation, renal denervation, opthamology, nerve stimulation, passive microimplants, microneedles, and smart actuators and springs, Lima de Miranda said …

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New Synchron CTO Riki Banerjee on BCI manufacturing and outsourcing

Synchron Chief Technology Officer Riki Banerjee [Photo courtesy of Synchron]

After 12 years in Medtronic’s neuromodulation operating unit and two years as R&D VP at Synchron, Riki Banerjee is the brain-computer interface (BCI) developer’s new chief technology officer.

More electrodes and thinner electrodes were always goals at Medtronic. But neuro device makers across the industry have faced the difficulties of developing chronic implants for stimulation, as well as designing interconnects to bridge the implants with the rest of the physical system.

“I think we’re on a good path to be successful” at Synchron, Banerjee said in an interview with Medical Design & Outsourcing in 2023 before she was promoted to CTO.

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Instron launches new Precision Specimen Loader for thin films and foils

NEWS RELEASE: Instron® Introduces New Precision Specimen Loader for Thin Films and Foils

Instron’s Precision Specimen Loader [Photo courtesy of Instron]

Norwood, MA – Instron is excited to announce the release of the Precision Specimen Loader, an innovative solution that improves the operator’s accuracy, safety, and efficiency when performing mechanical testing on thin film and foil specimens. Designed to address the unique challenges associated with handling delicate specimens, this device has the potential to transform the way researchers and operators approach their work.

“Thin films and foils can pose a real challenge due to their small size and fragility,” explains Ian Kirk, Product Manager at Instron. “Anyone who’s handled these types of specimens knows how tough it can be to get them aligned just right in tensile grips – and if you have to reset, not only does that slow yo…

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