FDA warns against compounded oral ketamine for psychiatric disorders

[3D model of Ketamine from Wikimedia Commons]

In recent years, interest in the use of oral ketamine has surged for mood disorders, thanks to the marketing efforts of companies like Mindbloom, Better U, Nue Life and Joyous. FDA released a statement describing the risks involved in taking compounded oral ketamine, noting that the dissociative anesthetic is not FDA approved for any psychiatric disorder. 

Compounded oral ketamine risks

The agency specifically warned against the use of compounded ketamine without proper medical oversight, warning that sedation, dissociation, and vital sign changes “may put patients at risk for serious adverse events.” 

The FDA’s warning included several considerations related to the use of compounded ketamine for psychiatric disorders, including its potential for abuse and misuse. The agency also noted that ketamine use could lead to psychiatric events, given its associa…

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