AWS-NVIDIA gen-AI alliance epitomizes Big Tech’s growing interest in drug discovery

Highlighting the complexity of proteins, this 3D structure shows rhodopsin, a protein crucial for vision. [Adobe Stock]

The allure of healthcare has long captivated Big Tech giants. Over the past fifteen years or so, several prominent companies in the sector have ventured into the life sciences sector with ambitious projects, only to often find themselves retreating.

The dynamic appears to be changing, particularly in drug discovery, thanks in part to burgeoning data science maturity, the runaway success of generative AI (gen-AI), growing appetite for the cloud across healthcare and continued computational breakthroughs.

Tech companies are also realizing the diversity and uniqueness of healthcare data. “In less than a decade, [healthcare] will become the largest data generation industry,” said Kimberly Powell, vice president and general manager of healthcare at NVIDIA. “That’s one reason why large t…

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