How Heartpoint designed its TCT Shark Tank-winning IntelliStent system

Heartpoint’s IntelliStent system is designed to use minimally invasive catheter delivery to place adjustable stents that adjust blood flow in the pulmonary arteries. [Illustration courtesy of Heartpoint]

Heartpoint Global is developing a device to adjust pulmonary blood flow in infants born with congenital heart disease, avoiding risky pulmonary artery banding.

The Coral Gables, Florida–based startup recently won the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) conference’s Shark Tank Innovation Competition and is now preparing to submit its technology to the FDA for breakthrough device designation.

Heartpoint Global designed its multi-lumen IntelliStent system to restrict the blood flow in the arteries between the heart and lungs. The system can also allow a physician to later adjust the patient’s blood flow as they grow or their condition changes.

The system includes self-ex…

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