OcoSec eyes next steps with its cancer immunotherapy

OncoSec (NASDAQ: ONCS), a cancer immunotherapy company currently focused on R&D, is planning U.S. promotion of its tavokinogene telseplasmid (TAVO) drug for a type of metastatic melanoma — and eventually other cancers.

“We don’t currently have a sales force. If successful, we’re going to need to have a sales and marketing team embedded in the company or out-license that,” said Dan O’Connor, OncoSec CEO.  

The company recently received $5 million from Woburn, Mass.-based Sirtex, a manufacturer of targeted cancer therapies, for a non-exclusive option to jointly promote OncoSec’s TAVO (tavokinogene telseplasmid) for melanoma in the U.S. If the option is exercised, Sirtex will pay an additional $25 million. 

The two companies are similar in their oncology focus using a drug-device combination. 

In the following interview, O’Connor shares details of the potential partnership with Sirtex provides an overview of the company’s progress on the R&D …

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