5 Considerations for Designing Battery Operated Products

By Bill Scheremeta, Principal Electrical Engineer at Sunrise Labs

Extending battery life is one of the most important considerations for portable product design. For example, extending the battery life of implantable medical devices lengthens the time between surgical procedures. For consumer and industrial products, having the best battery life is a crucial competitive advantage. Customers expect a smooth and uninterrupted experience with a portable device. If the battery life is too short, then the experience is interrupted each time a battery has to be replaced or recharged. These interruptions frustrate the end-user, resulting in customer resentment, negative comments, and loss of revenue.  Battery life is so important that leading battery manufacturers have exchanged lawsuits over misleading battery life claims even before products are envisioned.

Whether you develop your products internally or outsource to a design services company, getting the ri…

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Dreams of a Common Engineering Database During Product Development

By Chuck Smith, Principal Engineer at Sunrise Labs

In working with geographically distributed teams, integration of the team members is critical to communicate effectively and to avoid misunderstandings or setbacks.

Once the design of your medical device prototype is complete, a lengthy process may be required to input engineering data before orders for any of the subcomponents can be ordered. This is particularly true in large companies using enterprise resource planning software. Sunrise uses a flexible system that allows us to react fast, and still capture important data needed for successful builds.

A poorly managed procurement process can result in a variety of frustrating failures,  such as parts being ordered to the incorrect revision, or a build delayed by one critical long lead component.

Sunrise Labs found investing in a fully integrated Product Data Management (PDM) system to provide transparency into the process for all stakeho…

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