Phillips-Medisize, Subcuject team on wearable osmotic bolus injector

Phillips-Medisize announced today that it is collaborating with Subcuject to bring a wearable bolus injector to market.

Hudson, Wis.-based Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company, said in a news release that the on-body delivery system technology that is based on osmosis is now available for the next stage of drug-specific wearable injector solution after Subcuject filed for intellectual property of the concept.

The wearable osmotic bolus injector is designed as a low-cost, patient-friendly, pre-filled wearable injector for single use. It uses osmosis to generate the force to complete a full injection cycle and requires no additional electronics or batteries.

Phillips-Medisize and Subcuject said they are exploring the opportunity to meet the demand for larger-volume drug delivery, allowing patients to self-administer certain medications almost anywhere instead of relying upon healthcare professionals to do so in a clinical setting.

“We are very p…

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