Stanford Biodesign co-founder joins Sofinnova Partners

Dr. Josh Makower [Image from his LinkedIn page]Sofinnova Partners — a prominent life sciences venture capital firm based in Paris, London, and Milan — has added Stanford Biodesign co-founder and director Dr. Joshua Makower as an advisory venture partner.

It’s been 23 years since Makower co-founded Stanford Biodesign alongside Dr. Paul Yock. They were instrumental in devising “The Biodesign Process” — used to teach students and industry leaders at Stanford and worldwide.

Makower is also the founder and executive chair of medical device incubator ExploraMed, which has launched 11 companies since 1995. His work has led to significant developments in the field — including the creation of NeoTract, maker of a device and procedure to treat an enlarged prostate; Acclarent, creator of devices for minimally invasive sinus surgeries; and TransVascular, which pioneered transvascular procedures. Teleflex, Johnson & Johnson, and Medtronic acquired the com…

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DTW Podcast: How Josh Makower wrote the book(s) on medtech innovation

Josh Makower, MD, quite possibly invented modern day medtech innovation.

In this interview, Makower shares his earliest inventions – kind of mind-blowing – and how his early work at Pfizer helped him create the innovation process used today by biodesign programs across the world, including Stanford Biodesign where Dr. Makower will take over as director this fall.

This interview is essential for any individual or organization that wants to innovate. Dr. Makower will share his thoughts on how innovation in any industry should be approached.

This week we’ll explore innovation and social equity. We’ll hear a portion of an interview with Martha Ha, chief privacy officer and chief counsel of corporate governance, and Jon de Csepel, CMO, vice president, medical affairs of the Americas. The pair will explain how the company is reaching out to employees of Asia and Pacific Island and helping them to understand how to better work within the corporate culture. The …

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Edwards’ Todd Brinton on finding a place in medtech

In this week’s DeviceTalks Weekly podcast , Todd Brinton, MD, corporate vice president of advanced technology and chief scientific officer at Edwards Lifesciences, delivers heartfelt and hard won advice to professionals looking to find a home in the medtech industry.

Brinton’s own path to Edwards took an unusual root, starting first at medtech start-ups before he forced his way into medical school. After securing his MD, he landed in a job he thought he’d never have, learned to love it and then gathered the courage to walk away from it to pursue his new role at Edwards.

DeviceTalks Host Tom Salemi spoke with Brinton in March.

DeviceTalks by MassDevice · DTW’s Commencement Speaker- Todd Brinton, MD, Edwards Lifesciences on building a career in medtech
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