LSD shows promise as standalone anxiety treatment in trial

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Phase 2b data from MindMed’s LSD-based therapy adds to the mounting evidence that psychedelic-assisted therapies could treat mental health conditions like anxiety, depression and PTSD.

In particular, the study found statistically significant dose-dependent improvements in the Hamilton Anxiety rating scale (HAM-A)  at the 100 and 200 μg dose levels in the four-week study. Similarly, recent phase 2 Cybin data found 79% remission for depression after two doses of its psilocybin-based therapy. And MAPS filed for MDMA approval in PTSD based on phase 3 results.

But MindMed’s study was unique in its evaluation of MM-120 as a standalone single-dose oral medication without psychotherapy. The compound, an LSD tartrate formulation, showed clinically and statistically significant reductions in anxiety symptoms over four weeks when given as a single monotherapy dose in patients with generalized an…

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What the ketamine boom could mean for pharma

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The demand for ketamine has surged in recent years as interest in its off-label use for treating depression, anxiety and PTSD has grown.

Ketamine has been “shown to be very effective,” said Linnea Butler, founder and CEO of Bay Area Mental Health (Campbell, California), which recently began offering ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

Also this week, Earlier this week, Pasithea Therapeutics Corp. (NSDQ:KTTA), announced the launch of the first U.K.-based ketamine infusion clinic.

And separately, Delic Holdings (CSE: DELC) announced two new alliances between Ketamine Wellness Centers (KWC) and the Veterans Administration Community Care Networks of Illinois and Minnesota. KWC plans to provide ketamine for PTSD, depression and chronic pain to veterans at no out-of-pocket cost at their locations in Naperville, Illinois, and Burnsville, Minnesota.

Parke-Davis, now …

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