Spineology launches fully endoscopic spine fusion system

[Image from Spineology]Spineology announced today that it initiated the limited launch of its OptiLIF Endo system for lumbar interbody fusion procedures.

St. Paul, Minnesota-based Spineology designed its minimally invasive system to require only one tubular retractor to seamlessly integrate endoscopes and endoscopic equipment into such procedures, with the OptiMesh multiplanar expandable implant enabling the single-tube system to employ the tubular retractor with a small diameter.

“OptiLIF Endo provides the power of direct endoscopic visualization throughout the entirety of the procedure, including disc space access, decompression, discectomy/endplate preparation and interbody placement,” Spineology Chief Commercial Officer Matt Cronin said in a news release. “Direct visualization of the neural structures increases efficiency and safety when accessing the disc space, and the robust offering of new, endoscopic-specific discectomy tools included with OptiLIF Endo fa…

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