From Novartis to Pfizer: A closer look at novel cell and gene therapy pricing and reimbursement strategies

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Cell and gene therapies are upending the treatment of a growing number of diseases by addressing the underlying causes of genetic disorders. Yet the high costs associated with these therapies, sometimes costing multiple millions of dollars for a single treatment, pose significant challenges for patients, payers and healthcare systems. To address this matter, a growing number of companies are pioneering novel pricing and reimbursement strategies such as outcomes-based agreements and risk-sharing models to help ensure patient access while mitigating financial risks.

Spotlight on Beqvez: A promising hemophilia therapy

In that vein, Pfizer recently announced the FDA approval of Beqvez, a one-time gene therapy for adults with moderate to severe hemophilia B. In tandem with the launch, Pfizer revealed a novel warranty program “based on durability of patient response to treatment.” The firm n…

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