Korean pharma sector sees significant increase in competitiveness 

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Provisional CPHI Annual survey data indicate that South Korea’s pharma sector is moving up in the world. 

The 2022 CPHI Annual survey found that the Korean pharma sector saw a 12% boost in overall competitiveness. 

The acronym CHPI refers to the Convention on Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

While in 2019, some industry observers were opining that South Korea’s pharma dreams were struggling, South Korea had a faster recovery from the pandemic than many other Asian countries. 

The Korean pharma sector also was able to fast-track a national, home-grown vaccine development program, becoming a leading global vaccine manufacturer as a result.

Its contract manufacturing industry has seen fast growth in the past two years. 

Prominent pharma companies in Korea include Yuhan Corp., Kolmar Korea, GC Pharma, Chong Kun Dang, Hanmi Pharmaceutical, Kwa…

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