Sooma wins FDA breakthrough nod for neuromod that treats depression

The neuromodulation kit developed by Sooma. [Image courtesy of Sooma Medical]Sooma Medical today announced that it received FDA breakthrough device designation for its neuromodulation device for treating depression.

The portable, patient-administered neuromodulation device utilizes a mild electrical current. It stimulates targeted brain areas resulting in a significant improvement in depressive symptoms.

“We are thrilled to receive this breakthrough designation from the FDA,” said Tuomas Neuvonen, Sooma CEO. “This designation recognizes that our device is a perfect solution, enabling a fast, effective and affordable treatment on a greater scale.

Neuvonen added that the company aims to make the treatment accessible to patients in U.S. “as quickly as possible.”

Sooma said its depression therapy offers a flexible treatment option with accessibility and affordability. It could benefit those underserved by medication or with limited access to …

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