iCad, Solis Mammography partner on AI for cardiovascular disease

iCad (Nasdaq:ICAD) announced today that it entered into a collaboration with Solis Mammography to define cardiovascular risk.

The development and commercial collaboration revolves around producing an artificial intelligence (AI) solution. This solution potentially quantifies the presence of breast arterial calcifications in a mammogram to assess the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). It uses data obtained from mammograms.

Nashua, New Hampshire-based iCad said this application could identify millions of women at risk for heart disease. It builds upon iCad’s flagship AI for breast imaging, ProFound AI. It both detects and quantifies calcifications within the arteries of the breast.

“With heart disease being the number one killer among women in the U.S., this collaboration marks the initiation of a historical milestone for iCad that will not only offer the potential to address a significant unmet need in patient care but also to penetrate a sizeabl…

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