Cirtec and Ilika finalize Stereax battery manufacturing deal

Ilika’s Stereax M300 battery with a pen and pencil for scale [Photo courtesy of Ilika]

Battery developer Ilika has signed a 10-year deal for Cirtec Medical to manufacture  Stereax batteries in Lowell, Massachusetts.

The two medtech suppliers announced their partnership on the millimeter-scale, solid-state batteries in January. Now, Ilika and Cirtec Medical say they have “concluded contractual negotiations” with the decade-long manufacturing license.

The ultrathin, rechargeable Stereax batteries can enable medical device developers to design smaller implants, wearable devices, sensors and other smart components.

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Select medtech developers have already received limited shipments of Stereax batteries from Romsey, England-based Ilika’s U.K. manufacturing facility.

The first shipmen…

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