Q&A: Getting solid form selection right in early drug development

[Image courtesy of Artem Egorov via iStock Photo]

A significant milestone in early pharmaceutical development is the selection of the lead solid form. This step can be tricky, however, because about 90% of organic molecules have multiple forms. But problems at this stage can spell trouble down the line for drug candidates’ manufacturability, stability and bioavailability.

Because many smaller drug developments don’t have the physical assets needed to screen for solid forms, it is common to work with external partners at this stage.

To learn more about screening for solid forms, we interviewed Michael Morgen, R&D director of Bend, Oregon–based Lonza Bend Small Molecules, a subsidiary of Lonza Group AG (SWX:LONN).

In the following interview, Morgen discusses the solid form landscape and advises selecting the most suitable chemical and physical form of an API. Morgen also explains how …

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