Donaldson buys biotech Isolere Bio

Filtration manufacturer Donaldson Co. (NYSE:DCI) has purchased early-stage biotech Isolere Bio.

The deal expands Minneapolis-based Donaldson’s life sciences business. Durham, North Carolina-based Isolere Bio develops new and proprietary IsoTag reagents and filtration processes used for the purification and streamlined manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals.

“Aimed initially at the purification of viral vectors used for cell and gene therapies, IsoTag reagents are designed to substantially improve product quality and purity with faster timelines compared to competing solutions, enabling accelerated and more affordable delivery of life-changing therapies to patients globally,” Donaldson said in a news release.

Donaldson Chair, President and CEO Tod Carpenter said the acquisition positions Donaldson “to create premier separation and filtration solutions for emerging genetic-based drugs.”

Donaldson also recently purchased So…

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