Exploring the latest single cell dispensers from HP, Namocell, Cytena and Sphere Fluidics

HP D100 Single Cell Dispenser [Image courtesy of HP]

In recent years, there have been significant advances in single cell dispensers, which support precise isolation, sorting and dispensing of single cells. Single cell dispensers are valuable for life science and pharma research, as the technique enables the isolation and analysis of individual cells for myriad applications.

In this article, we will compare four of the latest single cell dispensers from companies such as HP, Namocell and Cytena. These products were designed to sort and dispense single cells with high precision and viability. We will highlight their features and benefits and how they differ from each other in terms of functionality and feature set.

Single Cell Dispenser Company Technology Features Applications D100 HP Inkjet-based microfluidics High occupancy, viability and precision, real-time reporting Drug discovery Hana and Pa…
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