How silicone tubing is used in designing medical devices

[Image from Trelleborg]Dan Sanchez, Product Manager, Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical

The global medical tubing segment continues to rise at a significant rate and is expected to reach $9.4 billion by 2022, according to MarketsandMarkets Research. Within this forecast, silicone is identified, in terms of volume, as the largest and fastest-growing material within the global medical tubing segment. 

Specifying silicone tubing can be complex, requiring a medical device designer to consider mechanical properties such as size and hardness, visible features such as transparency or the need for radiopaque stripes and advanced design aspects such as kink resistance.

Additionally, when selecting silicone tubing that may be implanted within a patient or entered into the body, material purity, chemical and biocompatibility, size and durability need consideration, as they play key roles in product performance. 

When developing successful solutions to medic…

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