Adona Medical raises $20.5M

Shifamed portfolio company Adona Medical filed an SEC Form D to confirm the sale of nearly $20.5 million in equity.

Campbell, Calif.-based Adona Medical is offering more than $24.8 million in equity in a new notice that had its first sale on Aug. 20, 2020. Adona Medical does not intend for the offering to last longer than one year, according to the filing.

The minimum investment accepted in the equity offering was $1, and so far 45 investors have contributed to the $20.5 million total, with nearly $4.4 million remaining for the company to sell.

No use of proceeds was listed for the offering, while the company confirmed that it is not being made in connection with a business combination transaction, such as a merger, acquisition or exchange offer.

Adona Medical was formed less than one year ago in December 2019 and develops interventional approaches for treating heart failure, according to the company.

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Atia Vision closes $20m Series D

Shifamed spinout and intraocular lens maker Atia Vision announced today that it closed the second tranche of a $20 million Series D financing.

Campbell, Calif.-based Atia Vision said in a news release that the funding round that was led by Cormorant Asset Management with participation from The Capital Partnership, AMED Ventures and Shangbay Capital.

The company said the financing is earmarked for its continued early clinical experience treating cataract patients, as well as the expansion of its facility. Atia Vision develops its intraocular lens to treat far-sightedness.

Atia Vision announced in May of last year that it had completed the first tranche of the $20 million Series D with investments from the same participants and the same intended use of proceeds.

“We are pleased to have early clinical evidence demonstrating accommodation, the ability of the eye to change its focus between distant and near objects,” Atia Vision president &…

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