Seisa Medical acquires ProtoQuick and Peridot

Seisa Medical announced that it acquired ProtoQuick and Peridot to add to its plastics and metals capabilities.

El Paso, Texas-based Seisa’s acquisition of the two Bay Area companies offers added expertise in plastics and metals as well as the opportunity to leverage Seisa’s global infrastructure for high-volume production of FDA Class II and Class III devices, according to a news release.

Peridot is a supplier of complex metals-based components and mechanical assemblies for R&D prototyping and full-scale production across a variety of industries, mainly medical.

“The synergy created by Peridot’s advanced machining capability coupled with Seisa’s laser tube cutting and high-volume offerings make for a powerful device manufacturing partner for today’s medical device market,” Peridot president & co-founder Patrick Pickerell said in the release.

ProtoQuick merged with IDEO in 2012 to build a company focused on prototype parts with…

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