How Seeq software can help predict chromatography column failure

It’s possible to use advanced analytics to predict biopharmaceutical failures, allowing corrective action to be taken before batches are lost or quality is degraded. A Seeq expert explains.

Joe Reckamp, Seeq

[Chromatography image courtesy of Seeq]

The biopharmaceutical industry uses chromatography processes extensively. Along with filtration, they are one of the most important separation and purification unit operations. These two processes affect quality and consistency significantly.

Chromatography is the principal purification unit operation in biologics synthesis, and it requires precise monitoring of column integrity and efficiency. Chromatography columns consist of packed resin or media used to separate solution components based on chemical or physical properties such as size, charge, hydrophobicity, or affinity. As the chromatography column is cycled, degradation of the resin ligand can …

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