BCI company Science is getting into the outsourcing business

The Science Eye [Image from Science]

Brain-computer-interface (BCI) developer Science announced has launched a platform to enhance medical device manufacturing outsourcing.

Science CEO Max Hodak previously co-founded Neuralink, Elon Musk’s venture into brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). He served as president at Neuralink until 2021. His new venture with Science includes new BCI technology that doesn’t require an in-skull implant.

Last November, the company unveiled the Science Eye, a visual prosthesis. It targets retinitis pigmentosa (RP) and dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD), two forms of serious blindness. The combination device uses an optogenetic gene therapy targeted at the cells of the optic nerve. It combines that with an implanted, flexible thin-film, ultradense microLED display panel inserted directly over the retina.

Science was among the top medical device venture capital dealm…

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The biggest medical device VC deals of 2022

Enable Injections, which makes the enFuse device, raised $215 million in January 2022. [Photo courtesy of Enable Injections]

Last year was definitely a slower year for medical device VC deals than the year before.

Biofourmis was the only medical device developer in the 10 largest healthcare VC deals of 2022, according to a ranking provided to Medical Design & Outsourcing by Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).

Because we love devices at Medical Design & Outsourcing, we asked SVB for a ranking of 2022’s largest medical device VC deals after Biofourmis, which raised $325 million in its 2022 series D round. (The year before that, CMR Surgical’s $600 million Series D financing round was the largest medical device VC deal of 2021.)

SVB obliged, once again drawing upon its own proprietary information and data from Pitchbook. The dealmakers include device developers with innovative methods for …

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