How Schurter helped Biotronik develop the Renamic Neo

Biotronik’s Renamic Neo device [Photo courtesy of Biotronik]

Biotronik won FDA approval for its Renamic Neo programmer for implanted cardiac rhythm management devices this year, thanks to some help from an electronic components supplier.

The Lake Oswego, Oregon-based device developer designed the Renamic Neo for implantable cardioverter defibrillators, pacemakers and implantable cardiac monitors. The control unit wirelessly communicates with the implanted device and allows the physician or patient to read out information such as battery status, heart rate and other important parameters. The control unit can also wirelessly program the implant.

The Renamic Neo’s wireless communication relies on a low-power radio signal, so there can be no interference in the signal’s frequency range. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) was an important part of the development of the device, which uses co…

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