‘Freeze-Lock’ cryo label supports the needs of frozen medications

The Freeze-Lock cryo label from Schreiner MediPharm (Oberschleissheim, Germany) is suited for mRNA-based vaccines. The labels also support many cell and gene therapy medications and clinical trials, given their ability to withstand subzero storage and transport temperatures required by pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers and clinical researchers.

Schreiner MediPharm notes that conventional labels fail to offer consistent adhesion. The company’s Freeze-Lock cryo label comprises two interlocking label layers to optimize for adhesive strength and product information readability.

The label includes two components: a bottom and a top label.

The bottom label layer has a microfine surface texture that bonds to a container at room temperature. After being filled with the active ingredient, the label is ready to be stored at subzero temperatures requiring dry ice (–78 °C/–108.4 °F) or liquid nitrogen (–196 °C/–320.8 °F).

The top label layer …

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