Exo inks deal to bring smart ultrasound to Germany

[Image from Exo]Exo announced today that it partnered with Sana Kliniken AG to bring its handheld ultrasound and AI to Germany.

The company aims for its platform to enable real-time decisions that improve outcomes, streamline workflows and lower costs. This partnership evaluates and deploys the point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) technology in pilot projects at two Sana Klinken clinics. Deployment, which begins in the emergency medicine, critical care and cardiac departments, kicks off this summer.

Sana Kliniken’s reach extends to more than 120 facilities, including various outpatient medical centers and 44 hospitals.

“Our two clinics are the first in Germany to use Exo’s innovative solutions,” said Dr. Jens Schick, COO of Sana Kliniken AG. “Our specialists should be able to make decisions about ultrasound diagnostics in real time and treat patients more quickly, especially in critical situations.”

The Exo POCUS solution includes…

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