An inside look at Reunion Neuroscience’s psychedelic strategy for treating depression

Greg Mayes, the new CEO of Reunion Neuroscience (TSX:REUN, Nasdaq:REUN), has a more traditional drug development background than many executives in the psychedelic space. He had a successful foray into epilepsy at a company known as Engage Therapeutics. Founded in 2017, Engage was picked up by UCB in 2020. 

While Mayes’ background in pharma dates back to 2001 when he was senior counsel at AstraZeneca, his interest in Engage was more personal. “The whole reason I founded that company was because of my son’s epilepsy diagnosis,” Mayes said in a recent interview. “The most common comorbidity associated with epilepsy is depression and anxiety.”

In a recent conversation, Mayes and his colleague, Reunion’s Chief Scientific Officer Nathan Bryson, open up about the company’s strategy and how they foresee the psychedelic market evolving in the coming years. 

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Reunion Neuroscience names new CEO to guide development of psychedelic depression therapy

Formerly known as Field Trip Discovery, Reunion Neuroscience (TSX:REUN, Nasdaq:REUN) has announced the appointment of Greg Mayes as its new president and CEO.

Mayes will first focus on completing the company’s Phase 1 clinical trial of its lead asset, RE-104 (formerly FT-104), for postpartum and treatment-resistant depression.

Mayes had held several senior executive roles at pharma companies, including a stint as president, CEO and founder of Engage Therapeutics from 2017 to 2020. From December 2020 to September 2022, he served as president and CEO of the clinical-stage biopharma Antios Therapeutics. At Antios, he led Series B financing worth more than $100 million.

In a LinkedIn post, Mayes described the new role at Reunion as an “ideal opportunity.” “I will be returning to my area of greatest interest and passion – the brain – where we successfully developed a rapid epileptic seizure treatment at Engage Therapeutics through Phase 2 and ultimately sold …

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