BioSig expands R&D for machine learning, AI for cardiac arrhythmia treatment

BioSig Technologies (Nasdaq:BSGM) announced that it entered a collaboration with Reified Labs to advance its R&D efforts.

The collaboration with Reified Labs, a technical advisory partner, advances the R&D of an AI-based medical device platform. BioSig plans to base the foundational machine learning model for the device on integrated healthcare datasets. That starts with ECG and IECG data acquired by BioSig’s Pure EP platform.

Electrophysiology-focused technological solutions developed under the collaborations may integrate into Pure EP for potential commercial applciation.

Pure EP system combines hardware and software to enable the real-time acquisition of raw signal data. The technology achieves this absent of unnecessary noise or interference.

According to BioSig, Pure EP allows physicians to make informed clinical decisions based on clear and precise data. Pure EP heightens visualization of active signals to facilitate personaliz…

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