Radiology reimagined: Bayer and Google see AI as a win for practitioners and patients

AI is set to continue making inroads in radiology in the coming years, according to two executives from Bayer and Google.

In an interview at Google Cloud Next, Bayer’s Guido Mathews and Google Cloud’s Shweta Maniar highlighted the transformative influence of the technology on the radiologist’s workflow, the increasing integration of AI into radiological education, and its potential to mitigate burnout and reduce error rates.

Bayer offers contrast agents and injectors for major radiology modalities, including CT, MRI, an angiography.

In addition to focusing on radiology, Bayer Pharmaceuticals is using generative AI models like Google Cloud’s Vertex AI and Med-PaLM 2 to streamline drug development. Bayer is also using Google’s high-performance computing resources for quantum chemistry calculations.

AI’s radiological reboot

In 2016, deep learning pioneer Geoffrey Hinton predicted that AI systems would outperform radiologists by 2021…

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