CGT demands vision, partnership and patient-centricity to transform healthcare

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As personalized medicine continues to progress, cell and gene therapy (CGT) development is poised to enable tremendous medical breakthroughs. Unlike traditional treatments which merely manage symptoms, CGT could treat the root biological cause of many diseases: the faulty genes.

“The cell and gene therapy space is truly exciting. What this ultimately means for patients and caregivers, and our ability to play an important part within this paradigm, is exhilarating,” said Dr. Panteli Theocharous, the global vice president and cell and gene therapy strategy lead at PPD.

With more than 20 years of experience in the pharma and biotech industries, Theocharous provides guidance on developing CGTs. He accentuates the importance of partnerships, data-driven approaches and patient-centricity in overcoming challenges.

Yet the path forward is filled with obstacles. In 2021, cell and gene …

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