Rapid Medical receives CE mark approval for stentriever

Rapid Medical announced today that it received CE Mark approval in Europe for its Tigertriever XL stentriever device for treating ischemic stroke.

Yokneam, Isreal-based Rapid Medical also said in a news release that the first patients were successfully treated with the device at Bochum University Hospital in Germany.

Tigertriever XL joins the Tigertriever platform of stentrievers described as the first-ever adjustable, fully visible clot retrievers designed for treating ischemic stroke. Devices within the platform have already treated thousands of patients, the company said.

Rapid Medical’s latest addition to the portfolio includes an adjustable diameter that conforms to any vessel diameter up to 9mm and, at 53mm in length, it is the largest and longest stentriever on the market.

“Tigertriever XL is another example of our powerful technology that adjusts to the vessel diameter for full clot removal in the treatment large vessel occlusi…

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