Rapid Medical wins Chinese approval for adjustable thrombectomy device

The Tigertriever device. [Image courtesy of Rapid Medical]Rapid Medical announced today that it received Chinese approval for its Tigertriever revascularization device for blood clot removal.

Yokneam, Israel-based Rapid Medical designed Tigertriever to remove thrombus from delicate brain blood vessels during an ischemic stroke. With National Medical Product Administration (NMPA) approval, it becomes the first device to offer patient-specific solutions for this treatment.

“This new approval for Tigertriever propels treatment for ischemic stroke patients in China,” said Ronen Eckhouse, co-founder and CEO at Rapid Medical. “We are fortunate to have an excellent partner with MicroPort Scientific Corporation, who understand the need to expand neurointerventional capabilities and individualized stroke care for these patients.”

Fueled by advancements in aerospace engineering, Tigertriever enables precise control during mechanical thrombectomy. Its unique operation…

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FDA clears Rapid Medical’s small, adjustable thrombectomy device

Rapid Medical announced that it received FDA 510(k) clearance for its Tigertriever 13 device for treating large vessel occlusions.

Yokneam, Israel-based Rapid Medical designed Tigertriever 13 to remove thrombus from delicate brain blood vessels during an ischemic stroke.

Rapid Medical said in a news release that Tigertriever 13 is the smallest revascularization device in the world to date, adjusting to the vasculature and clot through a more atraumatic approach than existing devices.

“Thousands of procedures have already been performed with Tigertriever 13 worldwide,” Rapid Medical President, Americas James Romero said in the release. “Now U.S. physicians finally have access to Tigertriever 13’s unique capabilities to further benefit patients suffering from ischemic stroke.”

The company said Tigertriever has adjustability capabilities that existing stent retrievers lack, with three-dimensional braiding borrowed from recent advances in aerosp…

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FDA grants breakthrough nod for Rapid Medical’s embolization assist device

[Image from Rapid Medical]Rapid Medical announced today that it received FDA breakthrough device designation for its Comaneci embolization assist device.

Yokneam, Israel-based Rapid Medical designed the Comaneci embolization device to facilitate the treatment of cerebral vasospasm following hemorrhagic stroke.

In a news release, the company touted clinical results for the platform, which is already available in Europe for vasospasm intervention. In a 30-patient multi-center retrospective analysis, 97% of patients showed an increase in vessel opening of at least 25%, while 80% showed an increase of 50% or more.

Rapid Medical noted that more than 10,000 procedures have been performed worldwide with Comaneci assisting in the coil embolization of wide-neck intracranial aneurysms.

The company touts features such as an adjustable diameter, lowe delivery profile and strong visibility, with the temporary device offering a treatment modality that may prevent …

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DTW Podcast: How Josh Makower wrote the book(s) on medtech innovation

Josh Makower, MD, quite possibly invented modern day medtech innovation.

In this interview, Makower shares his earliest inventions – kind of mind-blowing – and how his early work at Pfizer helped him create the innovation process used today by biodesign programs across the world, including Stanford Biodesign where Dr. Makower will take over as director this fall.

This interview is essential for any individual or organization that wants to innovate. Dr. Makower will share his thoughts on how innovation in any industry should be approached.

This week we’ll explore innovation and social equity. We’ll hear a portion of an interview with Martha Ha, chief privacy officer and chief counsel of corporate governance, and Jon de Csepel, CMO, vice president, medical affairs of the Americas. The pair will explain how the company is reaching out to employees of Asia and Pacific Island and helping them to understand how to better work within the corporate culture. The …

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