FDA clears Radialis’ PET imaging tech

The Radialis PET Imager. [Image from Radialis]Radialis announced today that it received FDA clearance for its Radialis PET Imager technology.

Thunder Bay, Ontario-based Radialis designed its advanced organ-targeted positron emission tomography (PET) system to produce functional images with high spatial resolution, expanding the insight available from molecular imaging.

According to a news release, the Radialis PET system can visualize any positron-emitting radiotracer, providing a promising option for imaging novel radiotracers targeting biomarkers in a specific organ. The small system footprint design allows for incorporation into existing nuclear medicine facilities to complement traditional PET/CT imaging, the company said.

Specifically developed for close-range, organ-targeted imaging, the system is comprised of a partial-ring planar PET camera, equipped with lutetium-containing gamma-ray detectors, which collect gamma rays emitted by injected positron-…

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