GE Healthcare to invest $50M in Pulsenmore to enter homecare segment

[Image from GE Healthcare]GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE) announced today that it entered into an agreement to invest up to $50 million toward homecare ultrasound technology.

Boston-based GE Healthcare’s investment in Israel-based startup Pulsenmore aims to accelerate the global adoption of Pulsenmore’s homecare ultrasound solutions and will also back the company’s efforts to garner FDA clearance and expand commercially.

On top of the equity investment of up to $50 million, GE Healthcare will partner with Pulsenmore to distribute its products in Europe and other markets as the product becomes commercially available. The companies plan to collaborate closely on the development of ultrasound-based healthcare offerings that cater to the homecare market.

Pulsenmore’s novel, self-operated, prenatal home ultrasound solution, combined with a smartphone, enables pregnant women to self-scan for remote clinical assessment by their healthcare provider,…

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