Pharmasol debuts new psiXchange capabilities to facilitate delivery of clinical trial safety documentation

Pharmasol (Kaiserslautern, Germany), a provider of pharmacovigilance software and services, has launched psiXchange version 2.4. The software automates the safety document distribution process within clinical trials. 

The company created psiXchange software to manage documentation related to drug safety. The latest version of the software includes expanded site views, improved support of clinical operations and site-based teams. PsiXchange version 2.4 also supports the real-time dissemination of information to global stakeholders involved in drug safety management. Clinical research associates, for instance, using the software now have access to more robust status information. This feature supports compliance with the requirements of the FDA and European regulatory authorities. 

The software can also immediately send safety documents such as suspected serious adverse reactions (SUSARs), line listings and development safety update reports to recipients such as e…

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