Proteomics can help us realize a future of precision healthcare: Takeaways from a 2023 prediction 

[Image courtesy of Somalogic]

Clinicians are ready and eager for the future of diagnostic and prognostic models — ones that are built on proteomics.

I have been feeling and hearing one key theme in 2022 – physicians are ready, even dare I say eager, to get their hands on proteomic tests and tools that better empower and equip them to serve their patients.

With this, I am excited to share the following reflection and prediction. 2022 was the year for increased awareness and buzz around the fruition of proteomic technology. Companies in the proteomics space started to offer capabilities in point-of-care settings, an important pivot from the previous decades-long primary use case for proteomic technology in the research and life sciences space.

As we march quickly into 2023, we can expect to see great uptake from providers in adopting proteomic tests into their daily patient practices. We are already …

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