ProPhase Labs debuts single saliva test for COVID, flu

ProPhase Labs (NSDQ:PRPH) announced today that it is introducing a new saliva-based test for COVID-19, Influenza A, B and more.

Garden City, N.Y.-based ProPhase Labs said in a news release that it filed for FDA emergency use authorization for its two new testing methodologies, which integrate the Spectrum Solutions saliva self-collection system with a new multiplex qPCR platform for simultaneous RNA detection of SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19 viral mutations, Influenza A, B and more.

The SDNA Viral saliva-based testing combination offers pain-free self-collection, 100% in-device viral neutralization, the removal of the need for cold-chain storage of samples and overall consistency and accuracy, ProPhase Labs said.

Spectrum Solutions developed the first saliva-based COVID-19 test to garner FDA EUA in April, working in tandem with Accurate Diagnostics Labs and Rutgers University’s RUCDR.

“We are privileged t…

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