ProMed Pharma begins preclinical testing of resorbable contraceptive implant

After receiving funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, ProMed Pharma has begun preclinical evaluation of a novel fully resorbable contraceptive implant.

The Plymouth, Minnesota–based company imagines that the contraceptive implants could ultimately find use in low- and middle-income (LMIC) settings.

The novel implant potentially could offer women 18 months of contraception through the long-term release of levonorgestrel, a hormonal type of birth control first patented in 1960.

The fully biodegradable implant would also obviate the need for women to travel to medical clinics to have the device removed.

In addition, the device is designed to enable physicians to remove the device early, if needed.

A contract manufacturer of polymer-based drug releasing implantable silicone components,

Novel bioresorbable contraceptive implant developed at ProMed Pharma

ProMed h…

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