Advancing medical wearable devices through electrically conductive silicone molding

Electrically conductive silicones combine the stability, biocompatibility, and comfort of a silicone elastomer with increased conductivity from conductive additives.

Electrically conductive silicone wearables molded by ProMed include the Biolectrics Oraflow (left) and Cala Health klQTM (right). [Image courtesy of ProMed]

By Michael Nesnidal, ProMed Molded Products

Wearable technology made its debut in the mainstream population in the late 70’s with a wearable calculator that mimicked a wristwatch. Since then, the technology behind electronic devices worn on the body has expanded into a wide range of applications including smart watches that monitor heart rates, virtual reality headsets for entertainment, sensing devices to measure blood-glucose levels, and skin patches with sensors that can transmit a wearer’s vitals wirelessly.

Within the medical device industry, wearable devices, or wearables, are a gr…

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ProMed plans open house of new facility near Minneapolis

Medtech contract manufacturer ProMed Molded Products has opened its new development facility in Plymouth, Minnesota. [Photo courtesy of ProMed Molded Products]

ProMed Molded Products has scheduled an open house of its new development facility in Plymouth, Minnesota, from 1-4 p.m. on Oct. 9

The contract manufacturer — which supports applications in medical devices and drug-releasing combination devices — will let registrants tour the facility, meet the executive team and plan projects.

The ProMed Development Center is at 15255 23rd Ave. In Plymouth, less than a mile from the company’s headquarters. ProMed opened the 28,000 ft² facility earlier this year as a “dedicated space for early-stage programs.”

“Within this center, ProMed fosters cross-functional collaboration between prototyping, tooling and development teams to reduce the time required to launch a new product,”…

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ProMed Molded Products opens new development and innovation facility

NEWS RELEASE: ProMed Molded Products opens new development and innovation facility

ProMed Molded Products, a contract manufacturer supporting applications in medical devices, drug-releasing combination devices, as well as specialized applications arenas for aerospace and defense and automotive, announces the opening of our new development facility in Plymouth, Minnesota. Located less than a mile from our main operations facility, this new 28,000 ft ² building was designed to support new development and innovation by combining R&D, prototyping, product development and tooling under a single roof.

The genesis behind the new facility was to “foster cross-functional collaboration to reduce customer project development timelines and ensure a higher quality product,” said ProMed Engineering Manager Zach Brintz, who was central to the design and execution of the project plans.

Housing approximately 40 engineers and support staff, the new facility’s services and ca…

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