Prolira secures FDA clearance for its DeltaScan brain state monitor

Prolira says DeltaScan’s display is easy for a clinician to interpret. It shows a positive or negative result for acute encephalopathy. [Image courtesy of Prolira]Prolira (Utrecht, the Netherlands) announced today that the FDA has cleared its brain state monitor to help diagnose acute encephalopathy in older hospital patients.

DeltaScan is for hospitalized patients aged 60 and older. Prolira said it provides a quick and objective measurement of acute brain failure even before symptoms appear. The measurements enable sped-up treatment, helping patients regain cognitive well-being.

“Managing acute encephalopathy is challenging as symptoms are often overlooked and the diagnostic approaches are largely subjective and ineffective, resulting in delayed diagnosis and treatment. This delay often leads to cognitive impairment, worse health outcomes, and increased costs,” Dr. Frans Leijten, head of the EEG Department at UMC Utrecht, said in a news release.


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