Overcoming vaccine delivery device design’s top challenges

[Photo by Eugene Chystiakov] Vaccine delivery has long been a hot topic and only got hotter in the ongoing push to vaccinate against COVID-19 around the world.

Most would probably associate vaccines with the standard “jab” injection with a syringe. Over the past year and more, companies have touted ideas for other avenues. Inovio has a “smart” delivery device for a COVID-19 vaccine, while Intravacc is developing a nasal COVID-19 vaccine, plus there are many more in between.

Whether it’s standard delivery devices or the innovative ones various companies are trying to bring to the market, there are difficulties in creating the vessels for the potentially life-saving therapeutics they deliver.

Drug Delivery Business News spoke with Scott Thielman — chief technology officer at Product Creation Studio, a company that offers insights to deliver designs for a range of entities, including medical device companies — to learn about some of the biggest design challenges i…

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