debuts new adverse-event monitoring tool, a biomedical database company, has launched a new product called AE Alert. The adverse event detection product provides comprehensive global literature surveillance to monitor adverse events related to prescription drugs. This product is designed to address the limitations of conventional pharmacovigilance literature surveillance by aggregating content in real-time. The company says AE Alert has an intuitive interface, offering powerful analytics and email alerts. AE Alert monitors more than 40,000 biomedical journals, 20,000 biomedical meetings and 700,000 records with safety data every year. In addition to Pubmed coverage, the product draws from more than 30,000 medical meetings and journals that are not included in Pubmed. This includes non-English content.

AE Alert provides real-time extraction of information. The system populates the title, publication date, and abstract with a link to the source, including full-text journals, au…

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