Study supports use of Prevencio’s blood test in risk classification of patients with diabetes

Prevencio announced today that patient data demonstrate high accuracy with its artificial intelligence (AI)-driven HART CVE blood test.

Kirkland, Washington-based Prevencio presented data at last week’s American College of Cardiology (ACC) Scientific Sessions that suggested that the HART CVE blood test significantly improves the risk classification for patients with diabetes, allowing for more aggressive therapy in higher-risk patients and avoiding expensive or invasive treatment for patients at a lower risk.

The study, run by cardiologists at Massachusetts General Hospital, observed 450 patients to predict the one-year risk of heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular death in patients with diabetes. With the test score divided into low-risk and high-risk categories, the test showed a highly accurate hazard ratio (HR) of 25, demonstrating that a high-risk patient with diabetes has 25 times the risk for a major cardiac event within one year compared to low-risk pa…

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