Single-use technologies gain wide adoption in biomanufacturing

The G3 Electronic Fieldbus Platform complements Emerson’s AVENTICSSeries 501 Pneumatic Valve Manifold. The graphic display for configuration and diagnostics is compatible with various communication protocols, such as Ethernet IP, ProfiNet and DeviceNet. Photo courtesy of Emerson.

With the rise of biologics and personalized medicine, the biopharmaceutical industry is adding single-use technologies (SUTs) to their manufacturing options. Manufacturers are realizing the benefits of being agile, and many are adopting SUTs to turn over smaller batches of new products quickly and efficiently. Single-use technologies use disposable bioprocessing equipment, such as bags and flexible tubing, instead of conventional, permanent stainless steel systems. By eliminating the time-consuming clean-in-place (CIP) and steam-in-place (SIP) processes between batches, SUTs speed up the changeover time and greatly reduce the costs of ener…

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