After recall and relaunch, Medtronic wants to go global with its Harmony valve

Each Medtronic Harmony valve is sewn by hand to attach laser-cut pig tissue to the nitinol that makes this minimally invasive heart implant possible.

Medtronic’s Harmony transcatheter pulmonary valve (TPV) is made of nitinol wire, polyester and laser-cut pig tissue, all sewn together by hand. [Photo courtesy of Medtronic]

Medtronic’s Harmony transcatheter pulmonary valve (TPV) design is paying off after engineers solved a delivery catheter recall and relaunched the system this year.

The Harmony TPV uses pig tissue, shape-memory alloy nitinol and manufacturing techniques old and new to solve a special challenge for children and adults.

The catheter-placed Harmony valve offers a minimally invasive way to improve the flow of blood to the lungs and delay open-heart surgery for congenital heart disease. Congenital heart defects are present in about 40,000 babies born each year, making it the most …

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