Plastic Sample Kits touts its molded material sample kits

A San Jose, Calif.–based outfit called Plastic Sample Kits is selling material-to-material comparisons of 20 different types of injection molding plastic.

The 20 Material Base Kit is available now, and the 6 High-Performance Material Kit is coming in June, with pre-orders taken now. Co-founders Brian Eastman and Stefan McClelland — both mechanical engineers — plan to release more.

“We made this product specifically so the engineers and designers can gain valuable experience and intuition about the materials they are expected to design with. I keep one of these kits on my own desk and people are constantly asking to borrow or reference it,” Eastman said in a news release.

Eastman noted to Medical Design & Outsourcing that the specific material grades in the 20 Material Base Kit are not medical grade materials, but several have FDA compliance certifications. The  6 High-Performance Material Kit, however, has several Solvay materials that ar…

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