Big Pharma companies trimming pipelines in 2023

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Several companies, including GSK, Janssen, Novartis and Pfizer, have announced that they are cutting their pipelines as they release their full-year 2022 financial results. The following are the drugs removed from these companies’ pipelines.

Bristol Myers Squibb

Cendakimab: Bristol Myers said it would no longer develop its atopic dermatitis antibody cendakimab, which had completed a Phase 2 study. Although the study met its primary endpoint, the treatment landscape for atopic dermatitis is crowded, and cendakimab does not offer a significant advantage over these existing options, according to the company’s chief medical officer, Samit Hirawat.


GSK3915393: GSK said in a quarterly earnings call that it had pulled the plug on GSK3915393, an inhibitor of transglutaminase 2 (TG2). The company had believed GSK3915393 held potential for celiac disease. The drugR…

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