Introducing ‘BYOP’ clinical trials

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

The term BYOD — “bring your own device” — become common in tech circles in about 2009. Now with primary care doctors playing a growing role in clinical trials, the provider of decentralized clinical research software Curebase (San Francisco) aims to popularize the concept of “BYOP” — “bring your own physician.” That is, the company is working to connect patients with local physicians to collect real-world data and execute trials.

In any event, decentralized and hybrid clinical trials continue to gain ground as the pandemic persists. The trend is elevating the role of community-based clinical trials in areas such as oncology.

Additionally, physicians are playing a growing role in spurring clinical trial recruitment, according to a recent survey from Informa Pharma Intelligence and Rare Patient Voice. Almost half (48%) of patients taking par…

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